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Industry News
March 16, 2011

Vitamin Retailer News
NPA Celebrates 600th Natural Certification
The Natural Products Association (NPA) Natural Seal program has reached another milestone, granting the 600th certification to products and ingredients. The first natural certification in the United States, the NPA Natural Seal helps millions of Americans easily identify personal care and home care products that are truly natural. All products with the NPA Natural Seal must meet rigorous ingredient and processing requirements.

“Our 75th anniversary is the perfect time to recognize an important achievement in NPA history. In less than three years, we’ve reached more than 600 certifications under the NPA Natural Seal, which helps millions of Americans identify natural products at more than 85,000 stores nationwide,” said John Gay, NPA executive director and CEO. “The NPA certification program has been a big success. We’ve earned the support of more than 45 companies, both large and small. I salute them for making the commitment to a healthful America.”

In 2008, NPA launched the Natural Standard for Personal Care Products, certifying both ingredients and products that meet NPA’s high standard of natural. Last year, NPA launched the Natural Standard for Home Care Products. The organization plans to launch a similar standard for certifying foods later this year.

All NPA-certified products have been audited and verified to fit the Natural Standard by an independent third party. Among other requirements, NPA-certified products use natural ingredients, avoid ingredients with health risks, don’t use animal testing, and include a majority of biodegradable or recycled material in the packaging. Products with the NPA Natural Seal must list all ingredients on the package label.

NPA is committed to strengthening the seal. Last year, it improved the Natural Standard by requiring 100 percent natural fragrances for personal care products. NPA also offers discounts on products formulated with NPA-certified ingredients.

Manufacturers and suppliers can apply for certification at www.thenaturalseal.org.

CRN Participates in New Social Media Program for Pharmacists
The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) recently announced a partnership with Drug Store News to provide content about the dietary supplement industry to thousands of pharmacists participating in the media company’s new, professional networking website—Pharmacist Society—an online community that enables its users easy access to information most relevant to pharmacists. In addition to being a resource to pharmacists, Pharmacist Society is a place for these health care professionals to share ideas and network with their colleagues and companies in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

“I am pleased that CRN is being given this unique opportunity to participate in this forward-thinking venture with Drug Store News,” said Steve Mister, president and CEO of CRN. “In an era of social networking, this on-line community provides CRN with the versatility needed to effectively reach pharmacists with useful and timely information on supplement regulation as well as the beneficial role dietary supplements play in wellness. Our ‘Life…supplemented’ survey of pharmacists confirms that they both personally take and professionally recommend dietary supplements. We appreciate this opportunity to have been selected as the association best positioned to dialogue with pharmacists on behalf of the supplement industry. We hope that our member companies—and other responsible companies in the supplement industry—will consider participation in Pharmacist Society.”

“We’re excited to join with CRN in our new endeavor. CRN is a scientifically credible and compelling voice for the supplement industry, and access to their scientific and regulatory experts will be beneficial for pharmacists,” said Wayne Bennett, publisher of Drug Store News Group. “Based on our previous partnerships with CRN in providing continuing education for pharmacists, we know of their appreciation for this important audience. This new project gives CRN—and dietary supplement industry companies—the opportunity to disseminate information to a health care professional community that is eager to learn more about supplements.”

For more information, visit www.crnusa.org.

Organic Products Retailer News
NMI and The Organic Center Partner on Organic Consumer Research
Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), the international strategic consulting, market research and business development company specializing in the health, wellness and sustainable marketplace, announced it is partnering with The Organic Center on an upcoming organic consumer research study. The Organic Center is a leading research institute focused on the science of organic food and farming.

The comprehensive research project is designed to provide a clear understanding of how organics fit into the way consumers eat, shop and live, and to discover which messages are important to consumers thus leading to increased trial and usage. The study will help to increase consumer understanding of the difference between organic and conventionally grown foods. According to Maryellen Molyneaux, president of NMI, “New consumer emphasis on self-responsibility and the fusion of personal and planetary health indicate an opportunity to reach more consumers with an invigorated and clarified message from the organic industry. The need for clearer messaging is also evident in consumer confusion between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ claims.”

The study will commence in June 2011 and conclude with sponsor reports and workshops in January 2012. The methodology plan includes four robust phases: trended, syndicated data analysis; in-home and shop-along ethnographic research; eight-week online organic community qualitative research; and organic messaging plus 15 category surveys with 4,000 U.S. adults. In addition, sponsors will have exclusive access to the data prior to any information being released.

“This study will go beyond traditional analysis of organic trends. It will clarify the reasons to believe in organic in general and within the context of product categories,” added Joan Boykin, executive director of The Organic Center. “We believe it is important for the organic industry to come together to address these issues and this study will help us to clarify the messaging that will resonate with consumers.”

For more information, visit www.nmisolutions.com or www.organic-center.org.

Mainstream Shoppers Drive Fair Trade Sales Up 24 Percent
Fair Trade USA (Oakland, CA) recently reported new data confirming that mainstream consumers are increasing their commitment to Fair Trade faster than ever. Sales of Fair Trade Certified™ products have increased 24 percent, totaling $170 million during 2010.

Today, consumers can find Fair Trade products in every aisle of the supermarket. Due to this broad availability, driven by more than 700 companies offering Fair Trade Certified products, now more mainstream American shoppers are Fair Trade converts. The 2010 data from SPINS, the first company to offer Fair Trade certified sales data across natural, specialty and mainstream channels, indicates that sales of Fair Trade Certified products at mainstream channels grew faster (26 percent) than those of specialty grocers (22 percent) and natural grocers (16 percent).

“We’re excited that in spite of the economic recession, consumers everywhere are embracing the idea that every purchase matters,” said Cate Baril, director of business development for grocery and ingredients with Fair Trade USA. “The volume of growth in mainstream grocers was over three times larger than the volume of growth in the natural and specialty channels, traditionally the leading retailers of Fair Trade Certified products, where we continue to also see significant growth.”

Conventional customers have thrown their plastic bags away to fill their reusable totes to the brim with Fair Trade products:

• Coffee, the flagship Fair Trade category, grew 33 percent due to the increased variety of Fair Trade coffees available through a broader assortment of retail supermarkets.
• Ready-to-drink tea and coffee grocery was up 39 percent.
• In sweeteners, Fair Trade products increased 17 percent.
• Frozen desserts increased four percent and chocolate rose 19 percent.
• Aromatherapy and body oil body care increased 19 percent and skin care/body care by 32 percent.

Nutrition Industry Executive News
IADSA to Release Global GMP Guide
The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) will soon release its guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for food supplement manufacturers across the globe.

The Global Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Supplements, agreed at IADSA’s annual meeting in California, aims to give guidelines for the promotion of best practice in the production of supplements, including manufacturing, quality control, packaging, distribution and storage.

Expected to be an important tool for both companies and governments worldwide, the guide covers quality management, premises and equipment, personnel and training, product and process development, manufacture, storage, transport and distribution. It also gives recommendations in areas critical to the manufacture of high quality products, including the recovery or re-working of materials, documentation, self-inspections, sub-contracting operations, laboratory testing, complaints procedures, product recall and emergency procedures.

“Supplements must comply with all relevant aspects of legislation in their country or countries of production and sale, in terms of composition, manufacture and control,” said IADSA Chairman Peter Zambetti. “This guide has been developed for use by every supplement manufacturer—from the smallest independent business to the largest corporation, within the poorest country to the wealthiest. Considerable thought has been given to the terminology used throughout the guide, due to the contrasting legislative positioning of supplements in different parts of the world and the global variations in interpretation of specific words and phrases.”

The guide has taken into close consideration GMP guides that are in use across all continents.

“This is the culmination of many months of work and discussion over the past year by a number of leading experts in this field,” said Sam Jennings, coordinator of IADSA’s GMP Working Group. “We have had high level input from the ASEAN region, Europe, Japan and the U.S. This is invaluable because manufacturers and distributors of supplements should not only comply with all relevant national legislation in their home country, but also that of any countries to which they export their products.”

For more information, visit www.iadsa.org.

Kemin Issues Vision Health Wake-Up Call
Kemin (Des Moines, IA) recently announced a national marketing campaign to educate consumers on the important role lutein plays in maintaining healthy vision and why it’s important to choose eye vitamins with FloraGLO® brand lutein. Using the power of strategic media, celebrity spokespeople, point-of-purchase information and professional and consumer programs, this campaign aims to reach millions of consumers monthly with a simple compelling message: Make Your Routine FloraGLO Lutein.

To keep eyes healthy and protect them as they age, research indicates that people need 10mg of lutein every day through diet and eye vitamins, according to Kemin. Most Americans are only getting 2mg or less through diet alone. Linda Fullmer, senior vice president of Kemin Health, said, “Nearly half of the U.S. population has low levels of lutein in their eyes (low MPOD), putting them at risk for developing certain eye conditions as they age. Too many people are still unaware that there are easy steps, like taking a daily eye vitamin, that can protect, prolong and improve their visual performance.”

FloraGLO’s wide-reaching consumer awareness campaign includes national programs, doctor education and consumer outreach. In November 2010, Kemin announced its partnership with blind National and World Para-triathlete Champion, Aaron Scheidies, who serves as a FloraGLO spokesperson. Supermodel, television personality and wellness advocate Emme; world-class athlete Lolo Jones; and celebrity nutritionist and fitness expert Jennifer Galardi have also signed on to help get America focused on eye health.

For Fullmer, getting Americans to protect their vision is about more than business: “Our commitment is to continue showing we are more than an ingredient supplier. We’re an advocate for our science-based ingredients. In the case of FloraGLO, we’re driving the demand for eye vitamins containing FloraGLO Lutein and essentially extending our customers’ marketing dollars and impacting their bottom line.”

For more information, visit www.kemin.com.

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