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Homeostasis Labs’ New Diabetic Direct

A new Diabetic Direct dietary supplement line has been introduced from Connecticut-based Homeostasis Labs and won the coveted ‘Best New Product Line’ award at the annual ECRM Home Health Care EPPS in March. This line of diabetic products are manufactured in Austria to exacting standards and feature a sugar-free micro crystal formulation that melts in mouths and does not need to be taken with water.
“We are honored that our new line of supplements for people with diabetes has been recognized as a top new product and has been so quickly embraced by the diabetic community,” said Kenneth Corroon, president and CEO of Homeostasis Labs. “We believe that consumers with diabetes will find this line of supplements beneficial to their overall health as well as very convenient and easy to use on a daily basis.”
The four products in this new line include:
• Calcium Boost: Aids in maintaining bone health, dental care, can help in the prevention of colon cancer and may assist in reducing obesity
• Immunity Boost: Contains 17 different vitamins and minerals that can help boost and protect the immune system of diabetics
• Energy Boost: Features several vitamins including Vitamin B and ingredients like folic acid and green tea extract to provide a safe and sugar free energy boost
• Magnesium Boost: Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, promotes heart health, may reduce migraine symptoms and could also help with depression and anxiety
Each Diabetic Direct supplement comes in an individual serving sized packet, with lemon, citrus and orange flavors, and 20 to a box that are designed to be taken daily and are safe for people of all ages including children and seniors. The packaging is produced using 100 percent renewable energy (wind power) and in a 100 percent carbon neutral facility. Additionally, a portion of the sales of products in the Diabetic Direct line will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.

For more information, call (888) 60-B-WELL.

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