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ACTIVATE Drinks Innovates Enhanced Water and App

New York-based ACTIVATE Drinks is an innovator of nutrient-enhanced waters. The company recognized consumer desire for convenient drinks with nutritional benefits, but realized many times these nutrients can lose their effectiveness when sitting in water.

By storing active ingredients separately in the cap, away from water, ACTIVATE keeps vitamins fresh until one cap twist releases the dose of nutrients, the company said in a statement.

“Our patented twist cap with fresh vitamins is not just a new trend in the beverage industry; we helped create the category, which is now seeing increased consumer interest for those looking for fresh ingredients and efficacy,” said Reza Mirza, president of ACTIVATE Drinks, in a statement.

According to ACTIVATE’s research, vitamins A, B5, B12 and C lose their potency when sitting in water. Keeping the vitamins separate in the bottle’s cap, until ready to use, preserves their efficacy.

ACTIVATE waters include Balance for over health and maintenance support; Defend  for a healthy boost of immunity support; Rebound for rehydration support; Beauty for overall health and skin cell support; Defy, which fights free radicals for healthier cells; and Charged for renewed energy support.

The company recently expanded its distribution from the West Coast and has entered into a partnership with New York City-based distributor Gourmet Guru. “We knew New Yorkers would appreciate the convenience and nutritional benefits of ACTIVATE and we’re thrilled to roll out product at established Manhattan retailers like Food Emporium and Fairway,” Mirza said in a statement.

ACTIVATE is in leading chains including Morton Williams, Westside Market, Eli Zabar, natural and specialty grocery stores, as well as online via Amazon and Fresh Direct.

The company has also recently announced a new advertising campaign, “Stop Vitamin Cruelty.” This PSA-style campaign humorously highlights how vitamins deteriorate in water. The campaign began with a Facebook app that allows consumers to generated personalized vitamin advocacy video. Consumers will have the opportunity to feature four friends dancing as vitamin characters at the end of the animation, the company stated. The goal is to educate customers about the company’s fresh vitamins.

“We want the world to know that some vitamins deteriorate in water and that ACTIVATE is the solution,” said Jesse Merrill, vice president of marketing at ACTIVATE Drinks, in a statement.

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