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Boosting Brain Health Supplement Sales

Connecting customers with the right product(s) for their specific needs is a retailer’s No. 1 job. Here, participants in the Memory and Cognition feature, “More Cognizant of Brain Health,” offer their insights as well as the support they provide:

“We suggest that retailers truly educate the consumer and break the mold of age perception. Let consumers know the benefit and necessity of healthy nutrition for brain health and cognitive functions at an early age and not just at later stages in life or the onset of cognitive diseases.

“As a research-based company, our number one priority is education. We look to leverage and present more and more studies, white papers, training presentations, events, advertisements to continue to educate the consumer in this category and also to break the age perception.”
— Tuan Pham, director of California-based Tangut

“The primary challenge is educating retailers on how BioPQQ actually works, since its mechanisms of action are different than the common cognitive/memory nutraceuticals. Sales reps are doing this as part of their in-store training efforts.  In addition, retailers should read the article “Highlighting PQQ Research” in the June 2012 issue of Vitamin Retailer (archived online).

Further, since research shows that PQQ has a close relationship with Coenzyme Q10 (and both nutraceuticals have shown combined efficacy in human clinical research), we recommend that retailers cross-merchandise BioPQQ Microtabs with Coenzyme Q10 products, and offer BioPQQ Microtabs as an add-on to Coenzyme Q10 product sales.”
— Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, Director of Category Management with New York-based Twinlab Corporation

“Jarrow Formulas is a science-driven company. It makes its Quick Reference Guides freely available to describe the science of its products. Retailers can advantage of learning tools that Jarrow Formulas and other companies make available. For example, the Jarrow Formulas Quick Reference Guides have been designed to quickly get to the benefits of products, highlight the science, and yet avoid unacceptable claims language. Using the Jarrow Formulas essays relieves retailers of the burden of creating such information themselves and also safeguards against extended label claim issues.”
— Dallas Clouatre, PhD, consultant for R&D with California-based Jarrow Formulas, Inc.

“A major challenge of the brain health category is selling a supplement that provides protection from longer-term health problems, which typically does not provide any initial felt health benefits. In addition to supporting brain health, BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin provides other health benefits that consumers recognize. We suggest that retailers stress a number of benefits in addition to brain health.”
— Gerald R. Cysewski, PhD, chief science officer of Nutrex Hawaii, Inc.

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