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Company Profiles

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Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation
12915 Dairy Ashford
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (800) 580-8866; (281) 240-3332
Fax: (281) 240-3535
Bluebonnet Nutrition: 20 Years of Excellence
In 1991, the Barrows family had a vision to build a manufacturing company that supplied the cleanest, most wholesome dietary supplements on the market. Today, that vision has grown beyond their wildest aspirations as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The company has stayed true to its roots, creating truly natural dietary supplements from the inside out using the best ingredients the earth has to offer and packaging them into recyclable amber glass bottles to best protect and preserve the nutrients and the environment.

Over the past two decades, Bluebonnet has become a serious advocate for the rights of consumers to have access to and for retailers to sell alternative health care products. Bluebonnet officers have played a significant role in supporting and sitting on the boards to both regional and national trade associations like the Natural Products Association (NPA), as well as funding lobbying efforts at state and federal levels whenever there is legislation that can potentially threaten the industry.

In addition, as Bluebonnet has grown, it has invested in the company, opening a 100,000-square-foot, kosher-certified, state of-the-art manufacturing, packaging and distribution facility with an unrivaled in-house analytical laboratory to ensure quality control from start to finish. It also took great pride in the contributions to nutritional science by launching many of industry firsts: the only active antioxidant form of CoQ10 (Ubiquinol); the only orally available, vegetarian form of SOD (GliSODin®); nucleotides, functional natural omega-3 fish oils for brain, joint and heart health; revolutionary condition-specific formulas, such as CholesteRice®; as well as cutting-edge sport nutrition products that set new standards for purity and truthfulness in a category plagued with adulterations and hyperbole.

Environmental stewardship and social responsibility have also been part of Bluebonnet’s corporate culture since its inception. Bluebonnet believes companies must do their part to help preserve the earth and its limited resources. That includes enterprise-wide “green” initiatives, recycling programs, use of alternative energy options such as wind and solar, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

The five powers of Bluebonnet Nutrition are clear: Nature, Science, Quality, Truth and Knowledge—one for every petal of the Texas state flower from which it takes its name.

Key Markets Served
Available exclusively at natural food stores nationwide and in select international markets.

A Broad and Diverse Product Line
Bluebonnet offers a complete line of natural vitamins; minerals; multiples; amino acids; proteins; herbal extracts and specialty supplements, such as antioxidants, glucosamine, omega fatty acids; fiber/digestive aids including enzymes and probiotics; and food supplements, as well as a unique array of specialty formulas targeted to address specific structure/function applications in the body. All made without unnecessary colors, flavors, fillers binders or excipients in a delivery system that suits individual lifestyles: caplets, mini-caplets, soft gels, chewables, liquids, powders, vegetarian capsules (Vcaps®) and liquid vegetarian capsules (Licaps®).

Major Product/Service Offerings

• Offers KOF-K kosher-certified products
• Provides some of the industry’s most revolutionary products/formulas [e.g., CellularActive® CoQ10 Ubiquinol, Vegetarian SOD (GliSODin), Trimology Licorice Flavonoid Oil (Glavonoid®), Targeted Multiples™, Super Earth® line of whole food-based supplements, etc.]
• Offers vegetarian/vegan products that are truly vegetarian from inside out by exclusively using two types of vegetarian capsules (Vcaps and Licaps) instead of animal-based gelatin capsules that are just as important as the natural ingredients they protect
• Applies an aqueous-based vegetable coating to all caplets instead of the common practice of using shellac
• Produces dairy-based products that are free of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)
• Never includes artificial colors/sweeteners
• Incorporates NON-GMO ingredients when available
• Utilizes a water-based sterilization method instead of the common practice of irradiation or ethylene oxide
• Only uses natural excipients when absolutely necessary to improve the manufacturing process
• Not only manufactures in its own environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art facility, but uses alternative energy sources (e.g., wind and solar) to reduce its carbon footprint
• Packages products in recyclable amber glass bottles to better protect nutrients from heat, light and moisture and the environment
• Implements a company-wide recycling program, as well as use only recyclable packing materials/paper and eco-friendly soy-based inks on all printed material

Key Executives
• R.L. Barrows, Chief Financial Officer
• Gary Barrows, President
• Steve Barrows, VP Production/Distribution
• Bob Barrows, VP Sales/Marketing
• Joyce Barrows, Secretary/Treasurer
• Chris Barrows, IT Director
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