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Company Profiles

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Continental Vitamin Company
4510 S. Boyle Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90058
Phone: (800) 421-6175
Fax: (323) 598-6667

Continental Vitamin Company: Phenomenal Growth From a Quality Focus
Continental Vitamin Company (CVC) was founded by Ron Beckenfeld in 1969. Now, with a cGMP compliant and FDA-certified 100,000 square-foot-manufacturing facility, CVC’s Superior Source products have earned the trust of the natural products community. The company’s fully staffed research and development facility continues to grow its list of more than 140 products.

The manufacturer of the Superior Source product line, CVC is recognized as the only source of soft-molded, instant- release tablets. Only Superior Source provides a diverse line of vitamins, minerals and herbal formulas in instant- release soft-molded tablets. The company’s proprietary methods involve using low pressure hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create these unique tablets. Its trade secret MicroLingual® delivery system bypasses the digestive system; the soft-molded tablets dissolve immediately under the tongue, resulting in quick and direct absorption.

Company History
Ron Beckenfeld, a native of Los Angeles, CA, began distributing natural dietary products out of the trunk of his car at Gold’s Gym. He grew his business slowly and steadily over the course of the next 40 years, moving from the trunk of his car to a closet, then to a small warehouse and now to a cGMP compliant 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

Beckenfeld’s own pursuit of health and personal success in weight training were clearly the inspiration for him to begin distributing products for small manufacturers, later moving into buying in bulk and eventually to creating his innovative Superior Source brand featuring the MicroLingual delivery system.

Beckenfeld’s dedication to small and independent retailers clearly shows in the company’s person-to-person approach. He prides himself on keeping a local feel for his Los Angeles-based company in spite of an increasingly regional and national presence for
his award-winning MicroLingual supplements.

Main Products/Brand Lines
Superior Source MicroLingual Tablets—including CVC’s No-Shot B12 and comprehensive line of Vitamin D products for children and adults, this line of fast-acting, instant dissolving vitamins, minerals and herbals is marketed to health food stores, drug stores and health care professionals. Superior Source line provides products for wide range of health goals including: heart health, energy and stress support, antioxidant support, healthy blood glucose, healthy sleep cycles, women’s and men’s health, and infant and children’s vitamin dosages.

CVC Specialties products include Pep ‘n Energy, Ginseng Blast, Yohimbe Rush and Horny Goat Weed, designed and packaged for both quick impulse sales as well as in line shelf sales. These products provide solutions for a range of health goals, from natural energy to helping promote sexual function.

“Lip Healer” Lip Balm is an all natural petroleum free lip balm, provides both sun protection with and SPF 15 sun block factor and natural healing qualities from vitamin E, aloe vera and calendula. This quality product provides excellent protection from sun, wind and other environmental factors.

CVC provides comprehensive training, educating retail staff to explain the difference between the MicroLingual tablets and other product lines, and the unique advantage of this delivery method. Superior Source also provides a national advertising campaign and customer support.

In addition, the company provides retailers with individual samples on an ongoing basis. These product samples are very effective for demonstrating the MicroLingual delivery system in-store, enabling customers to immediately experience the difference. The program quickly builds brand-loyalty, and CVC encourages sales staff and store owners to try the samples as well. Firsthand experience is the best sales tool.

Quality Assurance
The company’s products are produced in a cGMP compliant and FDA-certified 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and its high standards and have earned the trust of the natural products community. Continental Vitamin Company’s proprietary methods involve using low pressure hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create its unique, instant-dissolving tablets, and its fully staffed research and development facility continues to grow its list of more than 140 products.

Key Executives and Titles:
• Ron Beckenfeld, Founder and President
• Greg Faull, Vice President – Sales
• Matthew Supkoff, Director of Sales & Marketing
• Bill Swan, Vice President – Operations
• Afshin Bozorgmanesh, Director of Quality

Association Memberships:
• Natural Products Association (NPA) since 1997
• National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS)
• American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA)

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