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Company Profiles


Essential Formulas Incorporated/Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics
1861 Valley View Ln., #180
Farmers Branch, TX 75234-8906
Phone: (972) 255-3918
Fax: (972) 255-6648

Probiotic Care With Consumers and Professionals in Mind
Dallas, TX-based Essential Formulas Incorporated (EFI) was established in 2000 as the sole U.S. distributor of world-renowned microbiologist, Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira’s award-winning probiotic dietary supplements and skincare products. A family-owned and operated business, EFI was founded on the philosophy of providing high-quality preventative, supportive and comprehensive pro-health products for the entire family.

Pledging to provide premium all-natural supplements and exceptional customer care, EFI continually strives to lead the industry in customer and retailer education in the use and efficacy of their innovative products, which include: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® (AVA Vegetarian Cert), Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS (Vegetarian Cert), Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils (AVA Vegan Certified), Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar (AVA Vegan Cert) and Magoroku Skin Lotion.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics dietary supplement contains 12 strains of carefully selected friendly bacteria used in its fermentation process, and continues to garner consumer, health care professional and industry accolades for its convenient packaging and powerful health-promoting benefits.

EFI recently introduced Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS, an immune-building formula that combines the benefits of probiotic support with the power-punch of bee-derived Brazilian green propolis, omega-3s, vitamin E and astaxanthin, all converging to create a truly singular supplement.

Major Products/Service Offerings
Probiotic and Prebiotic Support—Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula and Professional Formula
Whole Health—Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS; Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils
Skin Care—Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar; Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Magoroku Skin Lotion

• Guaranteed to cohere in the digestive tract, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula is fermented for three years using 12 strains of LAB including the proprietary TH10. Encapsulated with its culture medium, the probiotic extract comes with its own inherent prebiotic support.
• The capsules are also available in a Professional Formula (sold only to healthcare professionals) fermented for five years, further concentrating its benefits.

Whole Health
Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS combines a consistently potent Brazilian green propolis with flax oil, complete probiotic support and an anti-inflammatory antioxidant astaxanthin and vitamin E complex. The unusual synergetic combination promotes whole health in the areas of digestive function, immune response and inflammation cycle.
Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils capsules provide a completely plant-derived vegetarian essential fatty acid alternative to fish oil.

Skin Care
Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic dietary supplements are known as an internal remodeling system that helps balance and support the body’s digestive and immune function. It’s a lesser-known fact that probiotic balance is vital for dermal health as well. Dr. Ohhira’s cosme-ceutical product line offers the same probiotic support to nourish and defend the body’s exterior, along with providing botanical moisturizing benefits.
Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar is crafted from 14 natural plant extracts providing chemical-free moisturizing and deodorant benefits, without any animal by-products, preservatives or synthetic colors. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially helpful for super sensitive skin.
Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Magoroku Skin Lotion contains friendly bacteria and their nutritious culture medium along with the benefits of wild plant and fruit extracts. This dermal nourishment is carried by traditional Japanese Magoroku oil (equine product) containing alpha-linolenic acids and linoleic acids. It is suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to use on an infant’s skin.

Key Personnel
• Michael Schoor, JD, President and CEO,
• William Schoor, Executive VP,
• Marty Schoor, COO,
• Jack Speer, General Manager,
• Kathy LaForce, Director of Business Development,
• Kelly Charles, Director of Marketing and Public Relations,

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