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Quantum Health Vision Supplements

Introducing a new line of vision supplements based on updated research Macula helps support long-term macula health as you age Digital Blue helps eyes filter high energy blue light and is ideal for long [...]

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Want a Better Mood? Get Creative!

Painting journaling playing a musical instrument or dancing with friends these are fun but nonessential pastimes right Not according to a recent survey by the American Psychiatric Association APA The organization which creates monthly polls of Americans and mental health recently published an article Americans Who Engage in Creative Activities at [...]

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Study Shows Consumer Use of Single Vitamins and Minerals

A study investigated what single vitamins and minerals and other single supplements were used most commonly with condition-specific goals The authors stated objective stated that vitamin and mineral supplements are widely used for self-care of a variety of medical conditions but little is known about the specific conditions for which they [...]


3 Surprising Bone Supporting Nutrients

strong By Brianna Diorio strong Believe it or not our bones are actually living organism that are highly dynamic and require a mixture of proteins vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy and maintain their structural integrity Roughly million Americans over the age of have osteoporosis while an additional million [...]